Projectmanagement op basis van ICB versie de geheel herziene druk IPMA B IPMA C IPMA D IPMA PMO

Projectmanagement op basis van ICB versie 4 –3de geheel herziene druk – IPMA B, IPMA C, IPMA-D , IPMA PMO

IPMA C based on ICB Courseware

IPMA-C based on ICB 4 Courseware

IPMA-D based on ICB 4 Courseware

English | 2017 | Publishing Date: 04/04/2017 | Hardcopy
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Besides the IPMA-D based on ICB 4 Courseware (ISBN: 9789401801652) publication you are advised to obtain the publication Better Practices of Project Management Based on IPMA competences – 4th revised edition (ISBN: 9789401800464).

This training consists out of four days, which provide preparation for the D exams. The course covers the subjects at a fast pace. The course has been structured to align with the structure and scope of the competence elements in the ICB version 4, divided into Practice competences, People competences and Perspective competences.

Apart from the certificate that you will ultimately receive, the broad knowledge of project management you gain during the training is much more important. The exam serves as an incentive, whereby you delve into the books and immerse yourself in the theory. When at a later stage, following certification, you are looking for a particular project management solution, this training and study ensures that you know where you can find these.

An IPMA Level D Certificate is an important step in your professional development. This courseware supports every project professional to obtain enough knowledge of IPMA’s competence model and prepare successfully or an IPMA Level D exam.

IPMA Certificering is the Certification Body for IPMA in the Netherlands. Would you like to know more about IPMA Certificering? Please visit:

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ISBN 978940180165C
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Publish Date Apr 4, 2017
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