VeriSM™: Unwrapped and Applied

VeriSM™: Unwrapped and Applied

Dubbelklik op de afbeelding voor groot formaat

Publisher: Van Haren Publishing
Pagina's: 500 | english | First edition, first print

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VeriSM: Unwrapped and Applied, the second volume within the VeriSM series, extends the information in the first volume VeriSM: A Service Management Approach for the Digital Age. It shows how VeriSM applies to the digitally transforming organization. This includes information around what digital transformation is, approaches to digital transformation and its implications for the entire organization, especially the people. The book explains how to use the VeriSM model, describing the steps to develop, maintain and use the Management Mesh to deliver a new or changed product or service. Within this content, a case study is used to illustrate how to apply the model for each stage and to show the expected outcomes. Implications for the entire organization are stressed throughout the entire volume, reinforcing the concepts of enterprise strategy tying together the organizational capabilities to produce consumer-focused products and services. The second part of the book also includes a wealth of case studies, stories and interviews from organizations and individuals who have a digital transformation journey to share. VeriSM early adopters from around the world provide more information about how they are applying the guidance.
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Extra informatie
Artikelnummer 978940180335C
isbn 978940180335C
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Publisher Van Haren Publishing
Uitgeef Datum 2018-09-25
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Publish Year 2018
Language english
Categorieën IT Management
Standards VeriSM
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edition First edition, first print
pages 500
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Length (cm) 24
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