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The Digital Practitioner Pocket Guide is designed to be a handy reference guide to
selected parts of the Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge™ Standard.
It is designed to help:
• Those who require a first introduction and basic understanding of the Digital
Practitioner Body of Knowledge Standard
• Individuals who wish to create and manage product offerings with an increasing
digital component, or lead their organization through Digital Transformation
• IT professionals working within any size organization, from a startup through to a
large enterprise, that has adopted digital approaches

It covers the following topics:
• A brief introduction to the Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge Standard
• An introduction to key terminology, key concepts, and the structure of the Body of
• Basic concepts employed by the Digital Practitioner
• The capabilities of digital infrastructure and initial concerns for its effective,
efficient, and secure operation
• The objectives and activities of application development
• Why product management is formalized as a company or team grows, and the
differences between product and project management
• The key concerns and practices of work management as a team increases in size
• The basic concepts and practices of operations management in a digital/IT
• How to coordinate as the organization grows into multiple teams and multiple
• IT investment and portfolio management
• Organizational structure, human resources, and cultural factors
• Governance, risk, security, and compliance
• Information and data management on a large scale
• Practices and methods for managing complexity using Enterprise Architecture
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