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PM² is a project management methodology developed by the European Commission. Its purpose is to enable project managers (PMs) to deliver solutions and benefits to their organizations by effectively managing the entire lifecycle of their projects. PM² has been created with the needs of European Union Institutions and projects in mind but is transferrable to projects in any organization. 


Using PM² is especially effective for managing projects within: 

 - European institutions 

 - Public administrations and non-governmental organizations 

 - Service providers to these administrations and institutions 

 - European coordinated or funded projects 

 - Private companies with a significant project portfolio 


The PM² GROUP Foundation voucher provides access to the foundation certification program. This program is the first public certification program created based on the guidelines of the certification program for internal EU staff.  


How do I achieve my certification?  


This product includes an exam voucher that provides access to 12 attempts to the PM² Foundation practice exam and one attempt to the official and official PM² Foundation. You will receive the PM² Foundation certificate and social badge when you pass the official exam.  


PM² Foundation exam details  


The official PM² Foundation exam contains multiple choice 100 questions. To pass, you need to answer 70 questions correctly. The exam takes 75 minutes.  


The required knowledge is defined in the exam syllabus of the European Commission. The exam is a closed-book exam. There is no limitation on the number of times a candidate can take the exam to succeed. Please note that an exam voucher gives access to only one attempt for the official exam.  


Guidelines for Self-Study  


Following formal training before taking the PM² Foundation exam is not mandatory. The European Commission has made the PM² guide available for free and has additional materials on its website (https://europa.eu/pm2/home_en). Candidates can prepare for the exam using these materials.  


Please note that, although it is a foundation exam, it is pretty challenging. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the students study the following materials in depth:  

- The PM² guide  

- The artefacts  

- The tools and techniques  

- The slides received during the training sessions (PM² Foundation Courseware) 


Summary of exam details: 

Number of questions: 100 

Duration of exam: 75 minutes 

Pass mark: 70% 

Open/closed book: Closed book 

Available languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German 

Paper-based & online availability: Online exam with classroom invigilation or online proctoring.  




Where can I find the syllabus? 

Official PM² Courseware 


Can I find an online demo exam? 

No demo exam is available. 


Are training materials available? 

Yes, see: Certified PM² Foundation by PM² GROUP Courseware 

 (ISBN 9789401809016) 


Where can I find a trainer? 

You can find trainers on our Accredited Education Partners page. 


What are the relevant certifications levels? 

The PM² Foundation certification is currently the only certification level. 


Which languages are available, and where can I find these?  

Currently, the exam is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German. Please note that you have to buy an exam voucher for one language. It is not possible to switch languages after purchasing an exam voucher.  


Can I find a repository that lists certified professionals? 

You can find this list at www.vhls.global 


Where can I find additional FAQs? 

You can find more FAQ's on our Practitioner Community. 


Where can I find more information about the exam in general and related matters?  

You can find more information on the exam instruction page: www.vhls.global 


What is the recommended literature? 

The PM² Guide is recommended literature to prepare for this exam. The guide is available in multiple languages on the website of the European Commission (https://europa.eu/pm2/_en). 


  1. For English 978-92-76-31380-9 
    PM² project management methodology - Guide 3.0.1 
  1. For French 978-92-76-42495-6  
    Méthodologie de gestion de projet PM² Guide 3.0.1 
  1. For Italian 978-92-76-31437-0  
    Metodo di gestione progetto PM² Guida 3.0.1 
  1. For Spanish 978-92-76-31381-6  
    Metodología de Gestión de Proyectos PM² Guía 3.0.1 
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