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Agile Foundation Exam & Pocket Guide

English | 2019 | Publishing Date: 27/11/2019 | Paperback
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The Agile Foundation Certificate awarded by the Agile Consortium, is meant for people who are new to agile and curious about what the agile principles and practices are all about. Or professionals who work with Agile and want2 to display their knowledge and understanding in Agile.

The idea behind the Agile Foundation Exam, which precedes the granting of an Agile Foundation Certificate, is that people submerge themselves into knowledge about agile by reading books and articles, visiting agile events, observing agile behavior in their organizations or by being trained.

Reaping the benefits
A desire to obtain an Agile Foundation Certificate helps you to submerge into everything agile has to offer. You will find a lot of great books, wonderful articles, beautiful people and great agile teams. You will also encounter stories of failure and disappointment, which help you understand the challenges people face when trying to become more agile.

Use the Agile Foundation Exam to measure if you know enough about agile to be taken seriously when you initiate agile principles and practices in your organization and whenever you help other people become more agile.

The next level in the Agile Certification Roadmap is the Agile Practitioner Certificate. You are not required to have obtained an Agile Foundation certificate to apply for the Practitioner, although it may help you a lot.

Please find more information about the Agile Consortium Certifications at

Exam specifications:
Number of questions: 60
Duration(minute) of exam: 60 min.
Pass Mark – X% (X marks): 70%
Open/Closed book: closed
Language: English
Paper based & online availability: Online exam
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ISBN 103003180422C
Domains Project Management
Standards Agile
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Publish Date Nov 27, 2019
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