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Are you interested in learning how to use Text Generative AI to create engaging and effective content for your business? Do you want to master the skills of prompt engineering, natural language processing, and ChatGPT? If so, then the Generative AI Ambassadors exam is for you!

The Generative AI Ambassadors exam is a certification program offered by the Effective Data Foundation (EDF) and Van Haren Certify. It is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of Text Generative AI and its applications in various domains. By passing this exam, you will become a certified Text Generative AI Ambassador and gain a competitive edge in your field.

The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions that cover the following topics:

·         The basics of Text Generative AI and its language model

·         The principles and practices of prompt engineering

·         The business use cases and benefits of Text Generative AI

·         The limitations and risks of Text Generative AI

·         The ethical and legal aspects of Text Generative AI

·         The hands-on experience of using ChatGPT for real-world problems

You can also find more information about the exam syllabus, preparation, and benefits on the website.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a Text Generative AI Ambassador and boost your content productivity, effectiveness, and performance. Join the community of Text Generative AI professionals!


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60 min.

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Language English
Domains IT Management
Standards Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
Product Type Exams
Publish Date Oct 10, 2023
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