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ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 - A Pocket Guide

ISO IEC Pocket Guide

ISO/IEC 20000: Pocket Guide

ISO/CEI 20000 - Introduction

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This groundbreaking new title looks at the ISO/IEC 20000 Standard: the scope and the its basis on the concept of a quality management system. By explain the basic processes and functions within IT Service Management it describes for the reader some of the common concepts and definitions that are understood across the globe. It builds on this by describing the basic building blocks of the standard that can be applied to ANY service management framework: whether it is ITIL or any other. ISO/IEC 20000 An Introduction describes Service Management standards that must be attained for corporate accreditation

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ISBN 978908753557C
Domains IT Management
Product Type Books
Author Jan van Bon, Leo van Selm, Selma Polter, Tineke Verheijen
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