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The Pragmatic Kanban Foundation certificate is intended for those who are familiar with the basic concept of “Agile” and “Lean”. Though would like to discover what Kanban exactly entails and would like to effectively implement Kanban in their teams through the use of visualization and the application of lean and agile principles.


The idea behind this exam is that you are serious about delving into the theory of Lean and Agile in general - and Kanban in specific. The Pragmatic Kanban Foundation exam is generic and is intended for everyone who works with, or will work in, an organization that is currently using or intends to use Kanban.


The Practical Kanban Foundation Exam is focused on the required knowledge for implementation and use of Kanban. Making knowledge practical.

With a Practical Foundation certificate, you will have demonstrated that you understand what Kanban means, can relate it in an Agile and Lean context, and know how to implement Kanban effectively.

Once a candidate has successfully passed the Kanban Foundation certification, they are now ready to continue their learning journey by completing the Lean and Agile certifications. A great place to start is with the Agile Foundation, Practitioner, or Master Exam from the Certify to Inspire program of the Agile Consortium, for example.

Teams that have implemented Kanban have recorded faster delivery times, reduced waiting time, improved quality of products, and reached higher team autonomy leading to better engagement and customer satisfaction. Teams can benefit from real-life examples and hands-on practice in their daily activities that can be applied immediately after having passed this certification.


Number of questions: 45
Time (minutes) for the exam: 45 min.
% minimal passing grade 70%
Open/closed book: Closed
Language: English
Type of questions: Multiple-choice questions with four possible answers. (one is the best answer)
Where can I find the syllabus? See
Can I find an online demo exam?


What is the recommended literature?

Yes, via the syllabus. Although this is not a hard requirement.

Where can I find a trainer?

Via our (Accredited) Education Partners)

Is there training material available?

Pragmatic Kanban Foundation Courseware - English

What are the relevant certifications levels? This currently is the main certification
Which languages are available and where can I find these?  Currently, English only
Where can I find more information about the exam in general and related manners. Exam instruction via

Additionally, acrum is often misguidedly mistaken as the primary introduction into an Agile way of working. It does work well for most organizations at a team level if they are working on “change”. However, Scrum is not sufficient enough if a team is working on either “run”, or both topics simultaneously. In this case, Pragmatic Kanban would be more appropriate.
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