Proactive Project Management

Auteur: Morten Fangel

Proactive Project Management

Dubbelklik op de afbeelding voor groot formaat

Publisher: Van Haren Publishing
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One mindset is that the project management process itself should be lead. You promote proactive project management by planning and evaluating relevant management initiatives – and by adapting the level of effort and the tools for the project’s degree of complexity. The entire book can be considered as a method with tools for such planning and evaluating the project management.

Another mindset is that the project management is not only a task for the project managers. The project owners, the participants and other parties must also be proactively involved in the management process. Such co-management means that the analyses and plans created will become more relevant– and have more impact on the project process. The general tool for such an approach, as presented in this book, is to facilitate the management activities.

The entire book is a supplement to the existing literature on project management. The new mindsets and methods promote the idea of being a more reflective project manager – and thereby gaining even more benefit from knowledge obtained from other books and from personal experiences.

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