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The vast amount of information, and data that is collected nowadays, knows no limits. However, in order to leverage this data, management and decision makers firstly have to visualize this data so that it is interactable and readable.

The human brain is visually orientated, meaning that data visualization can be a very powerful tool in helping to analyze, interpret and share data more quickly. Enabling users to filter the hidden gems from within.

Organizations can quickly identify and respond to changes by  visualizing data effectively. Examples include customer behavior, business processes or financial markets information.
This certification will demonstrate that qualified professionals have mastered the required skills to visualize data effectively, ensuring that important results will not escape their notice. Professionals have learned to apply data design principles directly.

This certification includes:

  • Hands-on dataskills
  • Choosing the appropriate visualization form
  • Easily reading the data and drawing the right conclusions.
  • Acquiring software-independent skills
  • Gaining skills that are suitable for any tool
    (e.g. Cognos, PowerBI, SAS, Tableau or Excel)
  • Gaining an insight into developing a user-friendly dashboard
  • Learning skills to make data more readable and comprehensible
  • Enabling leaders and managers to make the right decisions

The certification guarantees that certified professionals possess the following skills and knowledge:

Visual and quantitative thinking:

  • What is data visualization
  • How our brain processes visual information
  • What different types of data do
  • How best to visualize data

Visualizing data effectively:

  • How to make data easy and understandable to read
  • The basic principles and guidelines
  • The main pitfalls in data visualization

Building blocks of data visualization:

  • Basic blocks of data visualisation
  • When to use a table and when to use a graph
  • Types of table/graph to use in given situations
  • Creating a composite visualization,
  • Utilizing a management dashboard

Data processing & data storytelling:

  • The data visualization process
  • Data storytelling
  • Arguing with data
  • Making agreements within your organization,
  • Developing a data visualization style guide


Exam specifications:

Number of questions:


Duration(minute) of exam:

60 min.

Pass mark – X% (X marks):


Open/closed book:




Paper based & online availability

Online exam




Where can I find the syllabus?

See vwww.vhls.global

Where can I find an online demo exam?

See vwww.vhls.global

Who governs this certification?

The Effective Data Foundation



Is there training material available?


Where can I find a trainer?

Via our Education Partners

What are the relevant certifications levels?

-          Agile Practitioner Certificate

-          Agile Master Certificate

Which languages are available and where can I find these? 

English: after purchasing the exam you can still choose or alter your language before doing your exam.

Where can I find more information about the exam in general and related matters.

Exam instruction via www.vhls.global

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