Designing the Digital Bank of the Future

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This book talks about how to exploit business and service design techniques for business advantage in the financial sector. It does so, not through the theory but rather through how to deal with the enduring business issues and by addressing practical problems. The business issues that banks are using this new technology to address are long lasting. Hence the need to look at:

• how banks exploit the opportunities created by this new technology and 
• how the banks will function differently.

These business issues are faced by both established banks and the relatively new Fintech sector. Fintechs have the advantage of being end-to-end designed from the outset but do not have the brand or depth of data available to established players.

In recent times, themes such as digitalization and the agile approach have become key for business success because every company is now a software company. In addition, every bank is now a data management company as well, given the contribution that data makes to the value-adding to financial services.

Central to dealing with all this change is the role of the designer, in both business and service. The design of the business is the means to making success happen and the designer role is, therefore, key to linking strategic intent to practical change. The designer role will be important in the future, as well as the design methods to be used and the business issues to be addressed in the industry.

This book should be used as a guide both for design methods and as a prompt to design out business problems.

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