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A successful collaborative team speaks one language and has the same framework of concepts. Learning these basics is the result of this practical ISM-Foundation training.


The language spoken in IT departments has been shaped by ITIL. However, where ITIL has 34 practices, ISM is limited to the 6 basic processes derived from it.


These 6 basic processes, which occur in every IT department, are extensively covered in the training and provided with practical tips and tricks. Because of the down-to-earth explanation, the participant will gain insight into their work and start using the same language, resulting in better performance and collaboration.


Why: Knowledge is the basis of successful performance. Those with good ITSM knowledge will perform better and also collaborate better with their colleagues who have the same knowledge. Work faster, with less discussion and consultation.


How: All components are covered in a 2-day training course. Not only in the classroom teaching form, but also through group and individual exercises. The teachers are all practitioners, have experienced how ISM works and have many practical examples. This results in a highly appreciated training course.


Who: Anyone working in an IT organization knows that it is important that we all speak the same language. The training is therefore aimed at those people who have a role in an IT management organization.


Of course, a certificate is always useful to be able to present at a job application or an introductory interview. However, we believe that the knowledge you have gained while preparing for the exam really makes the difference. To pass, you must answer 26 of the 40 questions correctly. Each question has exactly 4 possible answers of which one is the best answer.



Exam specifications:
Number of questions:  40
Duration(minute) of exam:  60 min.
Pass Mark – X% (X marks):  65%
Open/Closed book:  Closed
Language:  English
Paper based & online availability:  Online exam
Where can I find the syllabus?  See www.vhls.global
Can I find an online demo exam?  See www.vhls.global
What is the recommended literature?  ISM 5 Applicable and Modern Service Management
Is there training material available?  ISM Foundation Courseware - English
Where can I find a trainer? Via Education Partners
What are the relevant certifications levels?  ISM Master Certificate
Which languages are available and where can I find these?  In English  
Where can I find more information about the exam in general and related manners. Exam instruction via www.vhls.global
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Language English
Domains IT Management
Standards ISM
Product Type Exams
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