Automatisering van productieprocessen op basis van ISA

Automatisering van productieprocessen op basis van ISA-95

SqEME Process Management A Pocket Guide

SqEME Process Management - A Pocket Guide

SqEME Process Management - A Pocket Guide

English | 2008 | Publishing Date: 16/10/2008 | Paperback
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This pocket guide is a practical book and provides compulsory reading material for anyone who wants to learn more about SqEME® process management, or intends using SqEME. It acts as an instructive guide, with directives and tips showing an efficient approach for structuring, mastering and improving processes; supported by real life case studies.

This pocket guide explains the essentials of SqEME® process management. As a methodology, SqEME ® views processes from four different perspectives known as ‘windows’. The content of this title is broken down into these four ‘windows’:

The language and drawing conventions for SqEME are dealt with as key issues.

SqEME® is an open standard for developing a processed-centred architecture of an enterprise. It may be reproduced freely by any organization wishing to use it to develop a governance structure on the quality of their business processes.

SqEME® Process Management is a method that facilitates discussion of the design of the organization, in a subtle but unambiguous way. Processes have to hold a prominent place in observing organizations: how are the different parts of the organization tuned to each other and how does adequate communication take place?

SqEME® as a methodology views processes from four different perspectives. SqEME® calls these ‘windows’, by means of which one seeks for the Constitution, Chemistry, Correspondence and Construction of the enterprise.

SqEME® is the result of more than twenty years experience with the management of business processes within various organizations. SqEME® has been applied successfully in industry (chemistry, automotive, construction, paper), in the business sector (IT service, healthcare), in the non-profit sector, and in public companies such as the Prosecution Counsel, County Councils and local authorities.

The SqEME® Foundation is a platform for discussing the method and its application, where insights into the basic assumptions and backgrounds are shared:
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