Metrics for IT Service Management

Paperback | English | 2006
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The ability to organise and measure performance is a key part of the implementation of IT Service Management processes. This publication contains practical information on the provision of useful and meaningful metrics, as well as how best to use them within an organisation, including generic principles (such as SMART and KISS), specific examples and templates for the use of each metricAll metrics discussed are directly related to process objectives, in order to help create a service-focused management system. This publication complements the ITIL, CobiT and ISO20000 service management principles.

“If you need to develop metrics for an IT environment, buy this book or hire a consultant who has read it”
G. Kieliszek, Healthcare CIO (Amazon)

"This is more than a book, it's a practical, useable "A to Z" of IT Service Management Metrics!

Peter Brooks (Author) has given us all a crystal clear view of a neglected, blurred piece of the IT Service Management puzzle. As a Principal ITSM Consultant working for Foster-Melliar in South Africa I am continuously disappointed by the many ITSM books produced that generally regurgitate what is already known by many in the industry.

Metrics for IT Service Organisations provides a vast array of possible audiences something that many ITSM volumes do not, and this is a Practical, useable view of "How" to plan for, design, manage and improve the critical measures IT Service organisations require from both a strategic, tactical and operational perspective.

I don't carry many books around with me, this one, I most certainly will!!"
Ian Clark Principal ITSM Consultant Foster-Melliar

"With all the focus on IT Governance and IT Business process management. It is easy to see why metric are becoming hugely important for the management of organisations. In reality however, getting the right set of metrics in place is by no means a simple exercise.
Metrics for IT service organisations can be a great help. Using ITIL as the basis the book lists many useful examples of metrics. But what is more important, is that it gives us insight into to creation of "good" metrics and the dangers of "bad" metrics. "
Emma Speakman IT BPM consultant SA/NL/UK

"Looking for a comprehensive, in-depth exploration and explanation of what metrics to use in your ITSM journey?

Then 'Metrics for IT Service Organizations' by Peter Brooks may be exactly what you're looking for.

This (new) book not only covers what metrics need to be seriously considered, but explains the 'why' and 'how' behind selecting and defining them, pointing out along the way many of the dangers and pitfalls of selecting the wrong ones; or too many.

If you tend to agree that 'what gets measured gets done', then applying the ideas in Peter's book will assist you in getting the right things done."
Ken Wendle (FISM) previous President of the itSMF USA, works as a Senior Solution Architect for Hewlett Packard's OpenView Software division

Given that itSMF is the source, readers of this book will naturally expect a 'best practices' view on metrics, and a highly practical reference text. More particularly, though, the special merit of the text is its carefulness in stressing that metrics must be both useful and meaningful, and that the meaning comes from the business perspective on IT management processes - a perspective always represented by a stated business objective. By encouraging readers to seriously commit to defining clear business objectives, the text aims the reader at measurement that avoids excess or irrelevance.
Malcolm Ryder (CA Architect)
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