Procesarchitectuur als veranderinstrument

Procesarchitectuur als veranderinstrument

Implementing IT Governance A Practical Guide to Global Best Practices in IT Management

Implementing IT Governance - A Practical Guide to Global Best Practices in IT Management

ABC of ICT - Card deck

English | 2008 | Publishing Date: 15/04/2008 | Hardcopy
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A new approach to dry and formal training and change programs; this card deck makes strong and sound points with a humorous pack of cards. Designed and drawn by Paul Wilkinson well-known and respected throughout the ITSM Industry for his ITIL from Hell products.

Maarten Bordewijk, Getronics-PinkRoccade, senior ITIL trainer, Netherlands
"Any IT Service Management initiative that doesn't address ABC is bound for failure, Any educational institute wanting to give people the capabilities and knowledge for successfully deploying ITIL should use the ABC cards to support the necessary discussion in training modules leading up to formal certification"
"When organizing an improvement workshop it helps to list issues and to prioritize them. Participants often find it difficult to be complete in this. The ABC Cards provide a complete list of all things that could go wrong. People can instantly recognize issues and pick the cards that apply to them and provide examples of attitude and behavior. It speeds up the process and helps everyone involved to name the issues that really inhibit successful ITSM."

Alejandro Debenedet, EXIN, Netherlands
"The ABC card exercise was a lot of fun, and put people immediately to work, brainstorming on the worst practices and their consequences, aided by the easily recognizable cartoons. It was interesting to see how people from different backgrounds could quickly interact and agree on how the situations apply to daily life and how they need to be approached."
"From my perspective at EXIN, I see that the ABC card set helps people understand the problems and the typical worst practices. It helps people discuss the consequences and possible solutions, and with that it achieves something very important: it gives hands-on experience in solving ITSM related issues."
"This is a great aid for people seeking for certification in the different levels and practices of ITSM, whether it is ITIL or ISO 20000 or other good practices. EXIN has always developed the exams based on the believe that the candidates need more than just theory, but also practical knowledge, and this helps people gain practical knowledge."

Peter Lijnse, Director Service Management Art, Canada
"This card game is a valuable instrument for training and consulting companies like service Management art. Because it is easier to point out worse practices. I use some of the cards in training or consulting sessions. The moment I see the behavior I take out the card and put it on the table, so we can have a discussion around it. It is much more powerful than addressing it verbally…Great job GamingWorks, it is just a great product to address issues."
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ISBN 978908753138C
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Publish Date Apr 15, 2008
Author Jan Schilt, Paul Wilkinson
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