Blockchain Foundation Courseware - English - ePackage


Blockchain Foundation Courseware - English - ePackage

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Publisher: Van Haren Publishing
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This Courseware package consist of two publications: Blockchain Foundation Courseware - English (ISBN: 978 94 018 0667 1) and Introduction to Blockchain Technology (ISBN: 978 94 018 0499 8).

Blockchain and other emerging technological breakthroughs will most likely be part of the fourth industrial revolution. These disruptive concepts will form the cornerstone of how business will be conducted in the future. Are you ready for the challenge?

Blockchain technology is not just about bitcoin, or digital currencies and is not a topic reserved only for meeting rooms filled with tech nerds. This disruptive technology will form a pivotal part of the future of business. Those who grasp it early will be at a great advantage to those who don’t. “We’re quite confident,” said Marc Andreessen in an interview with The Washington Post in 2014, “that when we’re sitting here in 20 years, we’ll be talking about [blockchain technology] the way we talk about the Internet today.”

In this course book and the accompanying training, we explore new and less well known use cases for blockchain technology, in many fields spanning across industry and government. We explain how blockchain technology actually works in a non-technical manner. We explore how this pivotal technology might be best applied to transform your business. We also dive into the pro’s and cons of blockchain technology and cover all core topics to prepare you fully for the EXIN Blockchain fundamentals certification. We give you the tools you will need to thrive in the future of business.

We are sure you will make your journey into the exciting world of blockchain a fun and more importantly a successful one.
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Publisher Van Haren Publishing
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