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This exam certifies professionals for the official BiSL® Foundation - 4th edition certification in Business Information Management. 


BISL® provides valuable guidelines for effective functional management, enabling organizations to manage business information, strengthen collaboration between business and IT, and maximize the value of IT investments. 


BISL® 4th edition certified professionals can create value for organizations through: 


The complete process framework: BISL® offers a detailed process framework that encompasses all essential activities and processes for functional management. It ensures structured and organized management of business information. 


Focus on business information needs: BISL® focuses on understanding and fulfilling business information needs. It helps in aligning IT systems and services with these needs, thereby maximizing the value of IT investments. 


Collaboration between business and IT: BISL® encourages collaboration between business departments and the IT department. It emphasizes communication and alignment to tailor IT solutions to the needs and objectives of the organization. 


Best practices and standardization: BISL® is based on best practices and provides a common language and reference framework. It promotes standardization and consistency in functional management, leading to efficiency and better results. 


The Business Information Services Library (BISL®) is a public library developed for the management of business information. This library consists of publications that describe the process framework for managing business information, as well as a comprehensive collection of best practices, whitepapers, articles, and presentations. 


BISL® provides guidelines for a professional and systematic approach to managing business information, with a detailed process framework. It is supported by a growing number of best practices. Through the publication of this framework and the many other publications, as well as the establishment of a foundation responsible for its maintenance, BISL® has become a widely accepted standard in the field. One of the main benefits of this framework is that it provides the market with a common language and reference points.


The KNVI Interest Group for Open Standards and the Interest Group for Management and Service Management have taken over the association activities of the former ASL BiSL Foundation. In particular, the Open Standards group of KNVI focuses on initiating new developments and organizing activities for the field of functional managers and information managers. 


Several new BIM products have been developed, including an Information Management Career Path. After obtaining the BiSL Foundation certification, professionals can further develop their careers and specialization in BiSL by obtaining specific certifications in Business Information Management (BIM). 


The exam requirements of the BiSL® Foundation - 4th edition certification can be consulted in the syllabus. Accredited training partners for BiSL are listed here. 

BiSL® is a registered trademark of the Van Haren Group. In addition to this (BiSL® Foundation - 4th edition) exam by Van Haren Certify, official BiSL exams are also offered by APMG and EXIN under license from the Van Haren Group.

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