ArchiMate® 3.1 - A Pocket Guide - eBook(s)

Paperback | English | 2019
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ArchiMate®, an Open Group Standard, is an open and independent modeling language for Enterprise Architecture that is supported by different tool vendors and consulting firms. The ArchiMate language enables Enterprise Architects to describe, analyze, and visualize the relationships among architecture domains in an unambiguous way.
This Pocket Guide is based on the ArchiMate® 3.1 Specification. It gives a concise introduction to the ArchiMate language. What’s more, it’s authoritative with material derived from the official ArchiMate documentation.

Topics covered include:
• A high-level introduction to the ArchiMate Specification and its relationship to Enterprise Architecture
• The high-level structure of the ArchiMate language, including an introduction to layering, and the ArchiMate Framework
• The Generic Metamodel for the language
• The relationships that the ArchiMate language includes to model the links between elements
• The Motivation Elements, which includes concepts such as goal, principle, and requirement
• The Strategy Elements, which includes concepts such as resource, capability, and course of action
• The Business Layer, which includes the modeling concepts relevant in the business domain
• The Application Layer, which includes modeling concepts relevant for software applications
• The Technology Layer, which includes modeling concepts relevant for system software applications and infrastructure
• The Physical Elements, which include concepts relevant for the modeling of physical concepts like machines and physical installations
• The relationships between different layers of the language
• The Implementation and Migration Elements, which include concepts to support modeling Enterprise Architecture-enabled transformation
• A summary of the changes from ArchiMate 2.1 to ArchiMate 3.1
• A Glossary of terms
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ISBN 978940180518E
Language English
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Domains Enterprise Architecture
Publish Date Nov 4, 2019
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