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This Courseware package consist out of two publications, Agile Foundation Courseware – English and you are adviced to obtain the publication Agile for responsive organizations - A Pocket Guide.

This courseware is for the Agile Foundation certification by the Agile Consortium, and follows the Certify to Inspire philosophy, enabling continuous learning and an adaptive mindset in an Agile world and corporate environment. This courseware has been reviewed by Agile Consortium board members and been accredited by Van Haren Learning Solutions.

This Courseware provides a didactic journey in Agile, including teasers, energizers and many little assignments. There is also a reference to free online Agile literature and to the online Agile Foundation demo exam.

The main modules of this exam are:
o What is Agile
o Agile Culture and Leadership
o Scrum
o Methods and frameworks
o Agile way of working
o Value and Continuous delivery
o Empiricism and improvement

Modules of this course ware:
o What is Agile
o Fundamental systems to Agile
• XP
• Crystal
• Scrum
o Philosophizing
o Scaling
o Kanban
o Lean Startup

About the Agile Foundation Certification
The Agile Foundation certificate is intended for those who are relatively new to the concept of “Agile” and would like to discover what it exactly entails.

The idea behind this exam is that you are serious about delving into the Agility concept and related practices. How you decide to do that will be up to you. You can read books, articles, or blogs. You can also watch videos, listen to podcasts, attend events, or observe others who are working with Agile in practice. Or another possibility is to follow a course in Agile.

The Agile Foundation Exam is an independent exam meaning it is not tied to a specific method. If you have the Agile Foundation certificate, you will have demonstrated you understand what Agile means and that you can identify the methods and concepts most commonly used in Agile organizations.

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Language English
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Standards Agile
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Publish Date Aug 1, 2020
Author Nader Rad
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