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Paperback | English | 2020
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This Kanban Foundation course is for individuals and teams that want to learn and demonstrate their understanding and proficiency in managing their work with Kanban. This practical training class provides attendees with the knowledge and skills to collaborate or improve the collaboration in a lean and/or agile team. Attendees will understand how Kanban principles and practices can be applied with other lean and/or agile methods like Scrum.

Attendees will learn how to effectively implement Kanban in their team through visualisation and the application of lean and agile principles. At the end of this course they will have the knowledge and the skills to visualize their work process, gather and use actionable metrics for faster delivery of value and continuous improvement and collaborate with other teams in a way that leads to better organizational performance.

Teams that have implemented Kanban have recorded faster delivery times, reduced waiting time, improved quality of products and reached higher team autonomy, leading to better engagement and customer satisfaction.

This course provides practical tips, real life examples and hands-on practices that can be applied immediately after completion of this course.

This Courseware is suitable as a foundation for further growth on Lean and Agile and certification. Preparation for the Agile Foundation Exam from the Agile Consortium can be added to this training as an option as well as the certification Exam itself.

After the course candidates:

1. understand foundational Lean/Agile principles on which Kanban was developed
2. can work in a team that has adopted Kanban as a method for work delivery
3. can visualize their process and work using a Kanban board
4. are able to leverage Kanban to manage priorities, conflicts and opportunities in their work delivery process
5. understand role-based scenarios when practicing Kanban
6. understand how Kanban principles and practices can be applied with other lean and/or agile methods like Scrum
7. understand how to predictably forecast work and manage stakeholder expectations
8. can identify opportunities for improvement in their process
9. can identify opportunities for radically improving time to market
10. can analyse and interpret data generated by their process and take action accordingly in order to improve delivery

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Publish Date Mar 25, 2020
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