Foundations of Information Security Based on ISO and ISO

Foundations of Information Security Based on ISO27001 and ISO27002

Erfolgreiche Projekte Managen mit PRINCE

Erfolgreiche Projekte Managen mit PRINCE2

Erfolgreiche Projekte Managen mit PRINCE2

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This publication provides a universally applicable project management method - the principles, processes and techniques that enable individuals and organisations to successfully deliver their projects within time, cost and quality constraints. Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2™ forms part of a pair of publications that are the result of the PRINCE2: 2009 Project to update the PRINCE2 guidance. Its companion is Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2™. The title has been designed to be a role specific handbook for Project Managers, Team Managers and Project Support.

The new 2009 edition:

•Explains the principles that underpin PRINCE2

•Describes the PRINCE2 processes in their entirety

•Describes 'Key Themes' of project management, specific to PRINCE2, that are required for the processes to be effective

•Cross-references techniques that may be applied

•Explains how to tailor the method

•Provides context of when and how to use PRINCE2 for different project environments (e.g. standalone or as part of a programme)

•Like the 2005 guidance, contains chapters on Starting Up a Project, Directing a Project, Initiating a Project, Controlling a Stage, Managing Product Delivery, Managing Stage Boundary, and Closing a Project.
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